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CBD Oil for Pregnancy: First Trimester Recap

CBD Oil for Pregnancy: First Trimester Recap - Website Picture

What is CBD? CBD oil for pregnancy and other health challenges are popping up everywhere! There are over 100 phytocannabinoids found in CBD, which mirror the endocannabinoids in the body. This is produced by your own body’s endocannabinoid system.  The two of the most popular phytocannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike CBD, THC […]

CBD Gifts for the Holidays

CBD Gifts for the Holidays - Website Picture

The Best CBD Gifts to Take Home for the Holidays! CBD gifts are getting so popular everywhere! Consumers swear by its relaxation-boosting properties that won’t get you high when you consume it. CBD can be found in spa products, supplements, dog products, and more! Ready to find the perfect holiday gift? The Aloha Hemp Holiday […]

Our Top 7 CBD Uses


Top CBD Uses for a Thriving Life! CBD has become popular, these last couple years, as a natural supplement used for many common health challenges/ailments. People are starting to use the top CBD uses everywhere! Finding relief with CBD has become an appealing option for people who desire to improve their health challenges, without the […]

Vegan Enchiladas with Aloha Hemp CBD

Vegan Enchiladas with Aloha Hemp CBD

The Aloha Hemp Family had so much fun making these super yummy Vegan Enchiladas! We made them out of love to share with you and we even added our Aloha Hemp CBD to it at the end!  Let us know how you enjoy these by tagging us at @alohahempcbd on Instagram and Facebook. We would […]

Earth Day Smoothie with Aloha Hemp CBD

Earth Day Smoothie with Aloha Hemp

Aloha Hemp is a family owned business based in Hawaii. Our mission is to produce and deliver the highest quality, natural, affordable, organic hemp products possible. The company takes pride in celebrating the earth with its hemp products that are environmental friendly. Earth Day Smoothie Recipe with the Aloha Hemp Family: 2 cups filtered water […]

It all Starts with the Plants in Cloning Propagation!


Obtaining Consistent Results with Cloning Propagation? Thank you for coming to this post.  This is part two of a three part series on providing consistent results.  If you happened to miss the first blog click here to read. Aloha Hemp covered tissue culture propagation in the last blog and now they will cover cloning propagation.  […]

It All Starts with the Hemp Plants! (Part 1 of 3)


What’s the Key to Ensuring Quality Products? Firstly, to ensure we have consistent quality products it starts with our ability to replicate season-to-season with the plants.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant to have an amazing meal and then go back and the same meal was horrible???  The same principle applies the growing hemp […]

Genetics… Genetics… Why are Genetics so important???


What Roles do Genetics Play with Growing Hemp Plants? In farming Cannabis or any other specialty crop, the most important piece of the puzzle is… genetics!  Even though the cannabis plant is known as a “weed”, it also has tons of different genetics.  How Many Branches of the Cannabis Plant Are There? The plant can […]

Let’s Talk About Hemp Farming

Let's Talk About Hemp Farming

How Does a Hemp Farm Become Sustainable? At the Aloha Hemp Farm we are all about organic sustainable farming.  The team is extremely knowledgeable in both permaculture and Korean natural farming.  Most importantly, we understand the importance of the ‘Aina (“The Land”) and ensure that our practices promotes living soil.  Where Can I get the […]

What is the Difference Between Absorbing CBD Externally Vs Internally?


Is there Really a Difference in Absorbing CBD? There has been debate over the years on which application method for CBD is best.  The best way to take any supplement is by determining the absorption of each path, especially with absorbing CBD. Best Way in Absorbing CBD The skin is the largest organ in the […]