I’m not feeling anything after taking CBD

CBD is a nutrient. 

For some, this nutrient will be felt dramatically and immediately. For many, it will take time, and for others, it will be subtle. What’s important to understand, is that many factors come into play when introducing any compound into your body: Genetics, Overall Lifestyle, Emotions (stress levels), Dietary Habits & Nutritional Deficiencies, Physical Habits, Environmental Stressors, Sleep Health…etc. 

All those things play a role in optimal health. CBD, plus all other incredible components in the Hemp plant, are available to ASSIST in the PROCESS of achieving optimal health. We all naturally look for a panacea, a magic pill to quickly fix us. The reality is that there is no magic pill or potion. We must be patient, become the guru of our own biology and decide to take full responsibility for our given condition by moving lovingly to resolution – no matter what. 

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