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Morgan -AH Website

Morgan Gonzales

I started taking the 500mg from the Aloha Hemp CBD Shop that was Citrus Breeze to help my sleep. Prior to taking it, it would take 2-3 hours for me to fall asleep at night. Working full time and running 70 mile weeks, not getting enough sleep wasn’t working. I tried taking melatonin for awhile and that helped until I became dependent on it to fall asleep. Melatonin for me created an imbalance with my hormones. After a few days of taking Aloha Hemp CBD I was falling asleep within 30 minutes and getting a much deeper sleep. I no longer take melatonin and can get a full 8 hours of sleep at night! It’s been working wonderfully for my sleep.

Haley - AH Website

Haley Fortune

I’ve been so lucky to have known about CBD for a few years now. My husband and I have used it every night and saw many great changes. Relaxation and decrease in anxiety. Ease of falling to sleep with that slight tingly feeling. It has even helped with my restless legs and menstrual cramping. I found Aloha Hemp CBD about a year ago and can’t say enough about the product. It taste wonderful. It also has all of the same good side effects I was experiencing before. My children love the taste and also take it nightly for immune support, a restful sleep, and detox. If they hurt something I give them CBD instead of Tylenol and it works. My son showed great changes in school once he started supplementing with CBD. I use the balm on any areas of pain and it helps so much. A few weeks ago I was allowed to test the new CBDXtreme. I was amazed with the product. Within the first week I had no cramping during my cycle. I’ve slept wonderful and now take it during the day. It helps with my energy level and keeps me from feeling sluggish. I truly feel it’s been detoxing my body along the way. It taste so yummy. I’ll be a forever user of CBDXtreme and Aloha Hemp CBD. I’m looking forward to sharing it with family and friends who may be suffering from other illnesses. Shelly and Clint together have created a truly wonderful brand using the best CBD. They truly care about their customers and the product they sell. If you are on the fence give it a try! I’m betting you won’t be disappointed.

Age - 30-39 years

John's Dog - AH Website

John's Dog

My Chihuahua was licking his paws non-stop. The vet diagnosed it as arthritis. Since I already use Aloha Hemp CBD, I decided to try this on my dog. I was amazed at how quickly he would stop and noticed he would calm down as well. Now I only use it when he shows symptoms.

Gail's - AH Website

Gail Pugh

I've been using Aloha Hemp since the company was founded in early 2019 and have had several successes. The first success I noticed was the most amazing to me. I had been having a trigger thumb for about 6 months and tried everything short of an operation on it. Which was to be the next step. After just a few days on the oil it began to move much easier. And amazingly at the end of two weeks I had full movement! It's been healed ever since. Next was digestion. I could feel some light cramping in my abdomen the first few days so I knew it was working on something. Then within those first two weeks I noticed how much better I was digesting food and not feeling bloated. How wonderful is that! Also I noticed how calm I felt and how much better focus I had. It was helping me deal with stress. Another super benefit I'd like to share is the way I can recover from hard runs and workouts. I love to run and do so almost everyday. Sometimes I'm running road but most of the time I'm on trails with hills and mountains. I was thrilled to experience that I could recover in about half the time when using the oil. I even take it with me in the aloha travel bottle on long runs. I know how good it is for the body to use plants that the body can recognize unlike a medication that has synthetics in it. I am so grateful to have this miracle plant and my body is so thankful!

Age - 50-59

Kelly Clever - AH Website

Kelly Clever

I began weening off pharmaceutical medications used to treat anxiety and ptsd. Suffering from side effects, I found myself lost in a pharmaceutical fog that made me struggle with regular thought process among other memory issues. I was really lost. Still recovering today. With my doctor's supervision, little by little I lowered the dose. It was very difficult to say the least. While suffering from horrible withdrawal symptoms I had to find new ways to manage my anxiety. I found incredible relief by taking Aloha Hemp 1500mg full Spectrum CBD oil. I felt immediate benefits from taking Aloha Hemp CBD oil daily. I started to regain mental clarity while feeling tremendous relief from the withdrawal symptoms I was having. I began feeling better while detoxifying as Aloha Hemp CBD oil helped my body release toxins that had built up in my body. Aloha Hemp 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil helped my body begin the healing and recovery process. I take it every day, the health benefits are amazing.

Don Yamaksi

I just want to tell you how happy I am with your products. I actually now get a decent night's sleep without pain; something I have not had for several years. I have taken many medications prescribed by my doctor at Kaiser, but the pain was ever present. I am so happy I happened upon your booth at the Mandarin Festival and discovered you and Aloha! Thank you.  - it seems to be working, and nothing else, so far, did! I am happy and will reorder when the bottle gets too low. Thanks again Gail!

Age - 70+

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