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How do I Know if I Have Fake CBD?

How Do I Know if I Have Fake CBD?

Fake CBD….What is it and how to know?   The buzz is all around about CBD! Yet, most people may have a bottle of “Fake CBD” that could be causing more harm than good.   CBD oil is meant to be a healthier, more convenient and more concentrated source of cannabinoids. However, there is growing […]

Toxins Affect our Healing Journey

Toxins Affect Our Healing Journey

Toxins affect our Healing Journey… and HOW do we HEAL  Toxins affect our healing journey and the key to getting rid of so many health challenges is knowing how to eliminate toxins from the body.  Let’s dive into the healing process, so we can feel better today.   So, how do we become TOXIC? Sadly, […]

5 Tips to Stay Focused During the Holidays

5 Tips to Stay Focused During the Holidays

 Here are a few tips to stay focused during this holiday season.  Let’s be honest, any help to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed and distracted is needed! If this is how you normally feel, keep reading this article.   “If you make the mistake of looking back too much, you aren’t focused enough on […]

New Habits to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

New Habits To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Relieve stress and anxiety during The Holidays and for Back-To-School!  This can be an important time to give our body extra nourishment. During this time of year it can be busy and stressful for parents as well as for kids. Just a month ago, we all were in the laid back, easy going summer days. […]

Cooking with CBD

A Guide for Cooking with CBD Oil

  Cooking with CBD has been an exciting new ingredient that thousands of people have been adding to their food in 2019. CBD will become even more popular in 2020, as more people become aware of the benefits.   Firstly, the reason CBD is so popular these days is because it is supposed to “have […]

Why Join the Aloha Hemp Subscription Program?

Why Join the Aloha Hemp Subscription Program?

Why Subscribe to the Aloha Hemp Subscription Program? Most of us are on the go each and every day.  Even though we know we need to slow down, we always have a to-do list of activities we are trying to complete in the day.  Sometimes this can create a lot of stress and anxiety that […]

Can CBD Oil Improve Fitness & Recovery?

Can CBD Oil Improve Fitness and Recovery?

Can CBD oil improve Fitness and Recovery?YES!The use of CBD oil for Fitness & Recovery can offer a surplus of health benefits. The fitness community could greatly benefit from CBD. In addition, there are major benefits that CBD oil can bring to the body to stay toned and fit.  Read below. CBD oil interacts with […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using CBD Tinctures

The Ultimate Guide to Using CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures have been the BIGGEST BOOM of 2019. Therefore, many people have been inspired to begin to use CBD oil. Are you new to CBD tinctures? If you are, you can get all your questions answered here.  If you don’t see an answer to your question, ask below or contact Aloha Hemp. The CBD […]

5 CBD Benefits You Should Know

The 5 CBD Benefits You Should Know    Natural medicines are on the rise!  CBD oils continue to outshine studies for some of the serious health issues today.  Therefore, the public is becoming more aware of its benefits.  Naturally, people are switching from traditional harmful medications to a more natural approach!  ~Here are 5 CBD […]