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It All Starts with the Hemp Plants! (Part 1 of 3)

Consistency is Key For Products But it starts with the Plants! (Part 1 of 3)

What’s the Key to Ensuring Quality Products? Firstly, to ensure we have consistent quality products it starts with our ability to replicate season-to-season with the plants.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant to have an amazing meal and then go back and the same meal was horrible???  The same principle applies the growing hemp […]

Genetics… Genetics… Why are Genetics so important???

Genetics… Genetics… Why are Genetics so important???

What Roles do Genetics Play with Growing Hemp Plants? In farming Cannabis or any other specialty crop, the most important piece of the puzzle is… genetics!  Even though the cannabis plant is known as a “weed”, it also has tons of different genetics.  How Many Branches of the Cannabis Plant Are There? The plant can […]

Let’s Talk About Hemp Farming

Let's Talk About Hemp Farming

How Does a Hemp Farm Become Sustainable? At the Aloha Hemp Farm we are all about organic sustainable farming.  The team is extremely knowledgeable in both permaculture and Korean natural farming.  Most importantly, we understand the importance of the ‘Aina (“The Land”) and ensure that our practices promotes living soil.  Where Can I get the […]

Why is a CBD Certificate of Analysis so Important?

Why is a CBD Certificate of Analysis so Important?

CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA)….Why is this so valuable?   Have you heard the new language around quality standards as it relates to the CBD industry? How important is it that consumers educate themselves about how to identify a quality CBD Certificate of Analysis?   What is a CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA) Firstly, a […]

Why is Hemp ‘Saving the World’?

Healthy Plants and Incredible People Bring It all to Life

Why is hemp ‘Saving the World’? These are pretty impressive words with messages about saving the world while also supporting the environment.  However, what does this all actually mean?   Here at Aloha Hemp, we like to keep things straightforward.   When it comes to hemp farming, there are so many incredible benefits to support […]

Hemp Could Save the Planet

Hemp Could Save the Planet

Hemp could help Save The Planet!  When we think of saving the world and supporting the environment, what can we really do about it? When we think of clearing the air to regenerate soil and providing a balanced body, think of hemp.  These are just a couple of incredible reasons hemp is beneficial to our […]

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