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Why is Hemp ‘Saving the World’?

Healthy Plants and Incredible People Bring It all to Life

Why is hemp ‘Saving the World’? These are pretty impressive words with messages about saving the world while also supporting the environment.  However, what does this all actually mean?   Here at Aloha Hemp, we like to keep things straightforward.   When it comes to hemp farming, there are so many incredible benefits to support […]

Get a BOOST with the Aloha Hemp Green Smoothie

Get a Boost with the Aloha Hemp Green Smoothie

The Aloha Hemp Green Smoothie is a great way to get in your greens and start your day feeling so energized! Want more Aloha Hemp in your day? So, why not get a boost with the Aloha Hemp Green Smoothie? One of our favorite routines (that is super quick and nourishing) is to wake up […]

Can CBD Oil Improve Fitness & Recovery?

Can CBD Oil Improve Fitness and Recovery?

Can CBD oil improve Fitness and Recovery?YES!The use of CBD oil for Fitness & Recovery can offer a surplus of health benefits. The fitness community could greatly benefit from CBD. In addition, there are major benefits that CBD oil can bring to the body to stay toned and fit.  Read below. CBD oil interacts with […]

Top Reasons to Use CBD As Natural Medicine

  What are the Top Reasons to Use CBD as Natural Medicine?  Well, we would like to go off topic for a second and share that in the last decade there has been a high increase in the opioid crisis.  A friend of our family has recently lost her twin brother, who was in is […]

5 CBD Benefits You Should Know

The 5 CBD Benefits You Should Know    Natural medicines are on the rise!  CBD oils continue to outshine studies for some of the serious health issues today.  Therefore, the public is becoming more aware of its benefits.  Naturally, people are switching from traditional harmful medications to a more natural approach!  ~Here are 5 CBD […]