About Us

   Aloha!  Would you like to know a little more about the founders of Aloha Hemp?  Well, meet Clint and Shelly Johnson!  Their background has always been helping people through healthy solutions.  They do this based on an Organic, Holistic and Natural lifestyle.  So, why wouldn’t it be in their hemp CBD oil they farm and produce, too?Well, it is!  And, what not a better location than farming on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii!  It just made sense to them to farm in one of the most natural places of our world.  Happily, their passion continues to thrive in helping individuals and families with true health and wellness. 


Aloha Hemp Mission

To farm, produce and deliver the highest quality, most affordable, natural, organic hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products possible on earth.  


Aloha Hemp Vision

For our Hemp CBD to be proudly placed in everyone’s purse or pocket.


Aloha Hemp Values

At Aloha Hemp, life is about helping others feel better, naturally.  Simply, to offer the highest quality hemp CBD, period. 

“We put our hands in the soil… with our hearts and souls.” 


Aloha Hemp Dedication

After years of exploring, learning, and researching, Clint and Shelly decided to venture into the transformation of medicine…Hemp cannabidiol (CBD).  And, they didn’t just decide to farm hemp CBD anywhere, they uprooted and moved to Hawaii to pursue an even better quality product for the consumer.  It doesn’t end there, they are constantly creating and using innovative ideas to make every niche of the hemp CBD oil process even better than it was. They believe 100% in their product and want everyone to be 100% satisfied.  They support local farmers, businesses and larger organizations with the work they do.  With this, Aloha Hemp is transparent with all products and in business.  Life for them is about bringing goodness to the earth and to people!

And, they aren’t alone, either.  Their four homeschooled children are always by their side, learning and helping along with the journey. 


Aloha Hemp Farming

Passionately, they have a deep joy seeing what they have created! Acres and acres of fully grown hemp plants, three seasons out of the year!  From seed, to plant, harvest and to bottle.  All Natural, all Organic.

Excitedly, Aloha Hemp is moving to be a fully fledged operation.  This requires an incredible team of farmers and business partners to come! 

They just love “growth” in all areas of the process! 

Feel free to read more about the Aloha Hemp difference!


Aloha Hemp Leadership

Finally, with such a family operation, it’s their deep compassion, love, teamwork, and innovation that makes them get going for the day!  They aim to be a leader in the hemp movement of today!


In closing, welcome to the Aloha Hemp community!  And, thank you for your support and for taking the time to read about us.  Aloha Hemp always encourages your feedback. This way, they can make any necessary improvements and be able to continue to provide exceptional customer service.  



Clint, Shelly and family

Founders of Aloha Hemp