Let’s Talk About Hemp Farming

Let's Talk About Hemp Farming

How Does a Hemp Farm Become Sustainable?

At the Aloha Hemp Farm we are all about organic sustainable farming.  The team is extremely knowledgeable in both permaculture and Korean natural farming.  Most importantly, we understand the importance of the ‘Aina (“The Land”) and ensure that our practices promotes living soil. 

Where Can I get the Resources?

Firstly, we first source all of the resources naturally available on the property prior to purchasing any amendments that might be needed.  From doing our own soil analysis to ensuring plants have all of the nutrients needed is our primary goal.

How Important is the Environment for a Hemp Farm?

The environment is amazing at the hemp farm; however, the real treasure is in the soil.  The 18 feet of top soil, at the Aloha Hemp Farm, is the bread and butter of the nutrients required to grow the best plants in the world.  However, if there is a challenge, the organic composition in the soil is very “clay” like. Therefore, this requires special practices to using the land and promoting no till options at the farm. 

Is Hemp Farming in Hawaii Different Than the Mainland?

Here at Aloha Hemp we are in a “Pilot” program with state.  We are creating the best practices for growing on the island.  We have been able to step back, observe and discover new ways of growing that are unlike any other practices being done on the mainland.  Instead of growing in perfect rows with plastic… we are able to make little furrows and amend the field with natural compost. In addition, instead of using harsh fertilizer’s, that harm the environment and people, we focus on creating innovative organic ways of providing better nutrients. For example, we use a HomeBiogas unit for endless fertilizer and weeds for weed prevention. 

Overall, studying the land is the most important step one can take when starting to create a hemp farm in Hawaii.  Starting off small and learning little lessons that can stack on to each other is the most important step in a sustainable hemp farm.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to grow in Hawaii feel free to reach out to us.  

Mahalo ~

Clint and Shelly

For more education and research on hemp, check out Project CBD.

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