What is the Difference Between Absorbing CBD Externally Vs Internally?

Is there Really a Difference in Absorbing CBD?

There has been debate over the years on which application method for CBD is best.  The best way to take any supplement is by determining the absorption of each path, especially with absorbing CBD.

Best Way in Absorbing CBD

The skin is the largest organ in the human body.  The surface area of the skin is a direct reflection of your internal functions of the body.  Just like your teeth show the health of your bones, the skin can reflect your liver and other organ performance.   Your performance of your organs is not just the food that you eat and the supplements you add to your daily regime.  It goes a lot deeper than that in actuality. 

The Performance of our Organs on Absorbtion

Your organ performance is determined by the neurological pathways that have been created between your brain, spine and the neurological high speed network in the body.  If your body is being fed great food, however the brain does not know that the food is good, how is your body going to progress the food?  Slowly, but surely the body will grow over time. However, if instant results are needed and you don’t have a ton of time to reach those goals than a different solution is needed. 

Healing with CBD

Taking the pure, organic Aloha Hemp CBD internally is systemic. Aloha Hemp CBD will go everywhere, not just focus on a single area such as with topical use.  Absorbing CBD internally heals the body from the inside out and taking CBD externally helps soothe the pain in that specific location.   Both have a symbiotic relationship to each other to heal and remove pain/inflammation in the body.


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