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What is the Difference Between Absorbing CBD Externally Vs Internally?

Is there Really a Difference in Absorbing CBD? There has been debate over the years on which application method for CBD is best.  The best way to take any supplement is by determining the absorption of each path, especially with absorbing CBD. Best Way in Absorbing CBD The skin is the largest organ in the […]

What does CBD do for Energy?

What does CBD do for Energy

Energy and CBD can be a Controversial Topic Energy can only be found within CBD once a person actually gets past the healing process with the CBD.   CBD for Energy and CB Receptors It is likely someone will feel tired when taking CBD as it is an indicator that they need additional sleep. But […]

CBD for Faster Recovery

CBD For Fast Recovery

Have you used CBD for RECOVERY?   Even if you are a pretty strong person, do you feel yourself feeling sore and fatigued after workouts? Depending on what type of exercise training you are doing, sometimes we can feel sore for days. That’s because, as the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) explains, working out […]

Bring “Balance” into 2020 with the Circle of Life

Bring Balance into 2020 with Aloha Hemp

Are you feeling ready for a new decade full of balance with the Circle of Life?   Sometimes we just need a gentle adjustment to feel good in all the right places. If you are ready, let’s dive in and reflect on the areas of your life so you can experience your best self this […]