Why Should I use a Hemp Relief Balm?

Why Should I use a Hemp Relief Balm?

Hemp Balm to Soothe Achy Muscles and Joints

What does hemp CBD contain?

Full spectrum hemp CBD oil has many amazing benefits when applied topically. This includes phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, waxes, amino acids, pigments, vitamins and other active compounds of the cannabis hemp plant. Hemp CBD is a potent antioxidant to help soothe inflammation and pain. This magical plant is relaxing to the skin, moisturizes the skin, helps heal and clear up skin challenges and so much more. In addition, hemp CBD may improve the skin’s ability to regenerate on a cellular level.

What is a hemp balm?

Firstly, the Aloha Hemp Relief Balm is a topical application infused with hemp CBD. This balm is used to heal and soothe the skin, muscles, tendons and joints. Many people have found relief for achy muscles and joints shortly after applying it to the affected area. The Aloha Hemp relief balm contains the highest quality full spectrum CBD oil, organic coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, arnica, vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and peppermint essential oil. All these nutrients combined naturally protect, nourish and moisturize every type of skin.

So how does this topical hemp balm work?

When you apply high quality CBD oils or hemp balms onto your skin, it will almost never reach the bloodstream. This way allows the cannabinoids in the CBD to relieve the targeted area. The skin absorbs cannabinoids, therefore they interact with cannabinoid receptors in the specific area. In order for topicals to work on the body, you have to apply them enough to break the dermal barrier. If there is enough balm or lotion, your skin pores will absorb CBD to affect targeted healing.
In conclusion, this method works best when lotions and balms contain a very high concentration of CBD. In every 1oz jar of Aloha Hemp relief balm there is 1/2 gram of Hawaiian grown hemp CBD. This is a high amount of hemp that will help to relieve all those achy muscles and joints.
For more education and research, check out Project CBD.


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