Awaken Your Consciousness with Hemp CBD

Awaken Your Consciousness with Hemp CBD

Awakening of Our Consciousness

Have you ever awakened your consciousness to its fullest capacity? Hemp CBD could be the future to awakening our receptors in our body to its fullest capacity. Let’s dive in and learn about an experience Clint and I at Aloha Hemp experienced recently.

Clint and I had quite a special day recently. Throughout this particular day we were in a sense of complete well-being and awakening of our consciousness. Something we had never experienced quit like this in our entire life. So we just had to share with you.

Our journey with hemp CBD first started when Clint rubbed a CBD muscle rub on me during our fourth babies labor in early 2018. I noticed that I felt completely relaxed and in control of my body.

Our second encounter with hemp CBD was last Christmas 2018. Before then Clint was under the belief that CBD was psychoactive, therefore he was not open to using it until I got him a set of 4 bottles for Christmas.

Clint had just left his job on the mainland the week before Christmas and was in a very stressful state. So what did I do? I started researching about how CBD could help with stress after seeing a couple posts on facebook from friends. I thought this would be what he absolutely needed.

This year we have been using our Aloha Hemp CBD as an added supplement to our daily routine. We first started noticing our stress levels decrease and the sense of peace was felt throughout our body.

The Healing Power of Hemp CBD

The healing within our body can happen on a deeper level when it is at peace. Within the first 2 weeks, Clint began to experience the healing and well being feeling just like what had happened to me during child birth labor. For me, within the first two weeks, the psoriasis on my hands finally cleared up after 5 years of dealing with the pain and extreme itchiness. We also noticed our gut healing, sleeping so much deeper, clearer vision, more creativity and strength, and so much more healing within us.

At this point, we knew we were going to make it our mission to get this magical plant in the hands of every single person that crossed our path. This is when Aloha Hemp was created in March of 2019.

Throughout this first year of creating Aloha Hemp and hearing all the amazing experiences from our customers, we felt our purpose was coming to fruition.

One night, just recently as we were working in the lab, we had an amazing experience we had never experienced in our life. This is how we describe the awakening of our consciousness below.

As Joan Bello calls it, the “charged equilibrium”. We took larger dosages of our hemp CBD as we had extra and didn’t want to waste it. When consuming larger dosages of hemp, we noticed an activation of all our receptors within our body. Most importantly, we felt such a spiritual awakening of being in the present. It felt like our brains were working at incredible speed of creativity and intelligence but we were in a relaxed state. When the body feels good, real good, free of pain and fear, our well-being increases with true happiness and joy. We noticed this experience for about 24 hours.

In conclusion, we felt our mind and body in harmony with each other. In addition, we noticed the connection of our heart on a deeper level of love. If you’d like us to create the combination of blend we used, let us know in the comments below. Note: we can’t guarantee this will work with everyone. Everybody is at different states of health and some people aren’t ready to feel this type of awaking of our consciousness. Always consult with your doctor before trying any type of hemp CBD.

Shelly Johnson

P.S. When our mind and body are in harmony, you feel good. This feeling connects you to your heart on a deeper level of love.

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