How do I Know if I Have Fake CBD?

How Do I Know if I Have Fake CBD?

Fake CBD….What is it and how to know?

The buzz is all around about CBD! Yet, most people may have a bottle of “Fake CBD” that could be causing more harm than good.
CBD oil is meant to be a healthier, more convenient and more concentrated source of cannabinoids. However, there is growing concern surrounding this type of industry. And, there are guidelines a consumer needs to know when it comes to ‘fake’  CBD and poor quality cannabis oils.

What is in Hemp CBD Oil?

Firstly, hemp (CBD) oil contains important compounds needed by the body. Hemp CBD does not contain psychoactive effects, therefore a person doesn’t have to worry about getting “high”. However, it may be tricky to tell if the hemp CBD is working for the person, if it doesn’t contain the right amount of CBD in the bottle. Some cheaper brands that may contain synthetic chemicals sometimes have very little CBD in the bottle. When looking to buy a hemp CBD bottle, it’s important to understand exactly what you are getting. Make sure to look if there are labeling cannabinoids. In addition, look for third party testing to ensure you are getting a good quality hemp CBD oil.

What is the Legalization with Selling CBD Oil?

The requirements for companies to ensure high quality CBD oil is to use 3rd-Party Laboratory testing for quality and purity.  The requirements also use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  GMP allows companies to use higher quality hemp products. Most importantly, this ensures the customer is getting a good quality product without any “fake CBD” chemicals. Unfortunately,  several companies do not  choose not to use these type of practices. In the near future, many companies will not be in business if they do not change their practices.

Fake CBD Could Contain: Pesticides, Chemical Sprays, Mold Bug Killers, and More

First off, many farmers around the U.S. desire to grow specific strains of hemp CBD for added value and yield. Unfortunately, some strains aren’t always great for specific parts of the U.S.  For example, the moisture of Oregon or even Hawaii can result in mold and root rot in the growing hemp plant.  To make sure the plants do not get mold, some farmers use harmful chemicals to help the plant avoid these types of risks.  However, there are natural ways to take care of a hemp plant rather than using chemicals that are not good for our environment or our body. In addition, hemp plants need to be dried in a clean environment to ensure it is not contaminated. Some farmers may not be going using a clean environment, therefore the mold and bacteria can quickly grow on the plants. Lastly, some extraction processes do not use high quality equipment, therefore chemicals for the poor equipment may leach in to the final product.

How Do I Get High Quality Hemp CBD?

It is important to first look for 3rd party lab testing on all hemp CBD oils. At Aloha Hemp, we ensure all third party lab testing.  In addition, we do not put in synthetic chemicals into our bottles. We only have organic hemp oil, hemp CBD, and sometimes an added organic flavor. We also make sure to seal all our bottles to ensure our bottle has not been opended for the customer. All of Aloha Hemp’s labels show how much of each cannabinoid is present, as well as, evidence that it is pesticide, contaminant, and GMO free. Their is a QR code on all our bottles to easily find out lab testing. 

Quality CBD Oil is the Way to Go

High quality hemp CBD oil is one of the best ways to experience incredible benefits for your body on a daily basis.  Whether you are using tinctures, salves, or creams, always check for third party testing and what is exactly in the hemp CBD bottle. Make sure to share this post with your friends and family so they can educated themselves as well. Communities everywhere are slowly noticing how important high quality hemp CBD is and are becoming educated with articles like this one. 
For more information on CBD resources and education, check out Project CBD
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