Is CBD Safe for Seniors?

Is CBD Safe for Seniors?

~CBD for Seniors~ 

It’s inevitable, we all will age in life.  And, one of the hardest parts about life is watching our loved ones get older.  They may have soften and wrinkled skin, they more tire easily, and their bodies may keep them from doing the things they once loved to do with you.

Being a Senior Doesn’t have to be Heartbreaking 

Surprisingly, many seniors are not aware of how CBD could improve their quality of life. Conveniently, tincture dropper bottles make it simple to use.  CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and has a long list of benefits to help the body.  Seniors can take advantage of the health benefits without the head or body “high” sensation often associated with THC in marijuana. As mentioned, seniors have the option of delivering CBD to their bodies internally with tinctures, rather than inhaling smoke. CBD is an oil extract, therefore can be added to things like topical gels, tinctures and edible products. In many cases, these derivatives of cannabis can reduce or even replace the use of harmful addictive prescription drugs. Knowing this information, can benefit the lives of many seniors!

CBD for Inflammation

There is evidence that suggests CBD cannot only suppress inflammation, but also reduce the signals responsible for triggering inflammation in the first place.  As an anti-oxidant, CBD helps reduce problems that cause oxidative stress.  

Research has pointed to inflammation being a trigger for Alzheimer’s symptoms and other symptoms that affects the mind and brain.  Prolonged CBD use could reduce instances of inflammation.  Additionally, other evidence demonstrates cannabinoids (CBD) can promote protection against chronic inflammation, allowing generation of new neurons in the hippocampus region.  This is good news for those that suffer from Alzheimer’s or memory lose.  CBD may help produce new brain cells!  Check out Project CBD for more research and education. 

This may be a good time to talk with your doctor and/or caretaker about supplementing with CBD.  Start bringing the body and mind back to a healthy state.

CBD Research

Almost one in five Americans over 50, now uses some kind of CBD product, according to a recent Gallup poll

Top Reasons CBD for Seniors in Beneficial 

Here are 8 beneficial reasons why CBD should become a regular routine for seniors’:

1.  Pain Relief

2.  Bone Health

3.  Soothing Effects

4.  Fights Glaucoma

5.  Insomnia and Sleep Issues

6.  Alternative to Prescription Medications

7.  Stimulates Appetite

8.  Alzheimer’s and Dementia

While the potential benefits of CBD use are well documented, it is recommended that you always consult your physician regarding the use of any substance. And, further be aware that the use and possession of CBD is legal in all 50 states.

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