Toxins Affect our Healing Journey

Toxins Affect Our Healing Journey

Toxins affect our Healing Journey…

and HOW do we HEAL 

Toxins affect our healing journey and the key to getting rid of so many health challenges is knowing how to eliminate toxins from the body.  Let’s dive into the healing process, so we can feel better today.


So, how do we become TOXIC?

Sadly, we are surrounded with toxins everywhere! Solvents and toxic chemicals are found in detergents, cleaning products, pans/appliances that we cook with, make up, skin care products, perfumes and more. These toxins can create excess adrenaline into our body, which pollutes our bloodstream.  Below we share the multiple ways toxins affect our healing journey throughout life.

What Pathogens, Viruses, and Bacteria are in us?

Surprisingly, there are pathogens that all of us carry since we were a baby! These include viruses such as, Epstein-Barr, shingles, herpes simplex, and HHV6.  In addition, most of us could be carrying bacteria like streptococcus, e. Coli, and more.  Many of us are completely unaware of these toxins living within us.  Medical science and research are still unable to tell us what is really going on in our blood. In fact, the results that most blood labs can provide is actually a very limited test.  A cellular blood analysis is the closet test to providing true results as to what is happening in the body.

Problem with High-Protein Diets

Another way to heal from toxins is to get rid of high-protein diets, regardless of whether they are plant or animal based. Excess protein in the body severely affects the gut and intestines. In addition, this excess protein causes food rot in our body.  Even if you’ve tried a high protein diet and lost weight or gained muscle, there’s more to understand about what’s actually happening in these situations and it’s not actually because of the protein content of your food. Medical Medium covers this in-depth in his book, Liver Rescue. The result of this food rot is an overproduction of ammonia in your blood, which aggravates toxin levels. The bile the liver produces cannot do its job of breaking down the fats that are present in almost all high protein foods, keeping the hydrochloric acid in the stomach from breaking down proteins in the first place. Poisoned bile from toxins in the liver also causes gallstones and can affect the way we heal from toxins.


Interestingly, toxins affect our healing journey through dehydration. One of the reasons blood can become dirty and toxic is because of chronic dehydration. The majority of people today are walking around chronically dehydrated without even knowing it. We can be dehydrated for years or decades, which results in our blood being thick and slow moving instead of free flowing.  It’s crucial to get a water filter, like Aqua Tru filter to drink water throughout the day.

What ‘body signs’ are there when we have TOO many toxins in our body?

Unknowingly, trace amounts of toxic heavy metals and viral material in the body can go completely unnoticed. The truth is that there are hundreds of what we call “Liver Troublemakers” that are harmful to us and can make the blood dirty and toxic.
Some examples include dark circles under the eyes, varicose veins, Raynaud’s syndrome, gout, weight gain, and brain fog. Toxic blood also contributes to chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, Type II diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. The list goes on and on and is exhausting. Don’t fear, there is something we can do about toxic, dirty blood.  The continued exposure to more and more toxins we face in our daily lives can be pretty scary, however, it is important to take action and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Ways to get rid of toxins?

Celery Juice 

One of the best things you can do for your liver is drink straight celery juice daily on an empty stomach. Unlike apple cider vinegar, which activates bad sodium stored in your liver, celery juice breaks down the toxic salts that are stuck in your organs. Drinking 16 to 32 ounces of celery juice every morning will work wonders at cleaning up your liver and your blood.

Morning Routine

An easy morning routine that is also very cleansing is drinking 16 to 32 ounces of lemon water upon waking. Then, drinking 16oz or more of straight celery juice 20 minutes later is one of the best ways to get the body flowing, energized and clean of toxic wastes. Additionally, Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie will remove the toxic heavy metals from plastics and pharmaceuticals along with the countless other ways toxins have entered into the bloodstream. Most of us are born with these metals already in our bodies, so it’s a very important healing tool for everyone. You could also bring in 16oz or more of pure cucumber juice daily to help your body be properly hydrated.


Finally, adding Aloha Hemp CBD daily to maintain homeostasis throughout the body.  The endocannabinoid system within our body is responsible for regulating body functions, such as our brain, endocrine, immune tissues, inflammation, mood, metabolism, pain, blood sugar, cardiovascular, and more.  It does this through our CB1 and CB2 receptors.  These receptors stay on the surface of our cells.  It responds to what goes in and out of our cells. These receptors love maintaining an internal environment of homeostasis.  CBD can trigger these receptors for therapeutic benefits.  In addition, CBD especially helps rid the body of toxins if taken under the tongue daily. Check out more about CBD on Aloha Hemp!

What foods to AVOID to heal from toxins?

First, on the list are eggs and dairy.  Why should you avoid eggs and dairy you may ask? Bottom line is eggs and dairy feed viruses. They’re also high in fat and fat suspends toxins in the body, preventing them from leaving. When fat congests the liver it also tires out the heart. Eliminating these foods from your lifestyle is a huge step toward a clean liver and clean blood. If you enjoy eating animal proteins, try limiting them to one serving a day because they are also inherently so high in fat to properly clean up the blood. Vegans or plant-based eaters should try to reduce their intake of nuts, seeds, and oils.  Doing this can help keep the blood moving freely and removing toxins because of the higher fat content. Consuming these healing foods listed above and cutting down on fat will not only keep your liver strong, but will also help control any weight problems you might have.

Removing Toxins from your Blood

Getting rid of toxins in the blood is so much more than the occasional detox. It is about consistently eating and drinking healing foods that keep the liver clean and strong. When we protect our livers, we protect ourselves from a lot of diseases and viruses. If you are aging and you are worried about heart palpitations or hot flashes, do the vital steps of protecting your liver. For example, if you are suffering from symptoms like rashes or rosacea this could be caused by a virus feeding off copper in the liver. But no matter what symptoms or conditions you suffer from, it’s critical to cleanse and protect your liver.

What Inspiration do I need to heal from Toxins?

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement as we heal. You may be well within your healing journey, you may be struggling for answers about your health or you may be feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We want you to know truths about how our bodies heal. We want these truths to be useful to you as you continue on with healing. It can be hard!  Sometimes downright discouraging when you’re sick and just don’t feel good. With this post I want you to know TRUTHS of healing. Please share these with others you know who are sick and looking for encouragement themselves.
? Our bodies were meant for LIFE, FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE in our health.
? Our bodies are designed to be a ‘Healing Machine’ and are intricate and powerful.
? In order to get well, you need to commit to healing in your life and make it a priority to get better.
? We can’t treat the ‘Symptoms’ of our bodies, we need to find the cause!
? Don’t own any diagnosis!
? What we eat and what we put in our bodies affect the genetic expression of our cells.
? Be the 3% who choose healing!
? Our bodies express the right symptom at the right time for the condition your body is in right now.  Our bodies tell us what they want us to know!
? If you get your cells well, you will get your health back.
? Healing from toxins is a true journey.
Thanks for reading… and here’s to a Toxic Free Lifestyle!
Want to enjoy more research, education, and inspiration on how to heal from toxins?  Check out Medical Medium.

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