5 Tips to Stay Focused During the Holidays

5 Tips to Stay Focused During the Holidays
 Here are a few tips to stay focused during this holiday season.  Let’s be honest, any help to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed and distracted is needed! If this is how you normally feel, keep reading this article.
“If you make the mistake of looking back too much, you aren’t focused enough on the road in front of you.” -Brad Paisley

Tips to Stay Focused to Prevent Distraction and Being Overwhelmed

Distractions and the feeling of being overwhelmed can get the best of us every single day. Non-stop social media scrolling, constant emails to catch up on, work demands, kids activities and soon to come, holiday parties.  In addition, we have the demands of home life with family and pets.
However, focus and balance throughout each day can be achievable, even during the crazy holiday season.  Don’t worry, we just need to get organized and prepared.  Refocusing your concentration might seem like a big task to think about. However, our brain and mind are crying out for us to do just this!  

Tips to Stay Focused

#1 Daily Movement

Our bodies LOVE to move!  It can feel so good and that’s because our bodies need to move.  Moving the body daily is not only good for our organs and cells, but for our brain, too!  Exercise will also help keep your brain to stay more focused. According to the Harvard Health Blog, scientific studies show that exercise has the “ability to stimulate the release of chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells.  As well as the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and even the abundance and survival of new brain cells.” A great calming way to move the body, is with yoga. Yoga trains the mind to concentrate on the present moment. While distractions from everyday tasks may follow us into the studio, the movement and breath work demands us to focus on the ‘present.’ When practiced weekly, our concentration throughout the day will improve. A challenging crow pose or forearm balance needs our full attention! So, go out and get started BEFORE the holiday stress so that you already have a stress-free routine in place!


#2 Celery Juice

The mineral salts in celery are like ‘electricity’ that governs the body.  Mineral salts are the building blocks for neurotransmitter chemicals.  These chemicals ignite electrical impulse activity and support neuron function. As stated by Medical Medium, “A brain with weak electrical impulses and weak neurotransmitters shuts down and goes into “low battery” mode.” An important tool to add to your morning routine is celery juice.  If you want a battery charger for the brain, make sure to drink at least 16oz on an empty stomach. In addition, mineral salts keep the heart pumping and create the neurotransmitters needed to take information from point A to point B.  So, be sure to implement Celery Juice into your daily routine today! For more information on incorporating celery juice, check out Medical Medium.


#3 Meditation

Even though we may have heard meditation is good for you, we need to make time for it. Carve out about 5-10 minutes daily, so you can experience a positive change in your ability to focus.  You will feel so much better instantly. This will allow any negative thoughts and emotions to release, to allow room for more positive thoughts. YouTube has some great mediations to listen to.  Or, download Insight Timer or other great mediation apps to your phone for convenience.


#4 Plant Food Nourishment

Plant nourishment is definitely a ‘must’ to add to your list of tips to stay focused. Have you felt that amazing, satisfying feeling after eating a great, nutrient-dense plant-based meal? As Dr. Michael Greger, a clinical nutritionist and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, states: “Plant-based eating can improve not only body weight, blood sugar levels, and ability to control cholesterol, but also emotional states, including depression, anxiety, fatigue, and sense of well-being, and daily functioning.” – One Green Planet

#5 Hemp CBD Extract

Aloha Hemp’s broad-spectrum phytocannabinoids can help to support focus and bring about a sense of calm.  This is useful for when life gets hectic and daily distractions takes over. Aloha Hemp extract, taken every day, is a great addition to your supplement routine for healthy brain and mind habits to help with focus.
In addition, Aloha Hemp delivers the highest organic quality and most potent ingredients.  Most importantly, Aloha Hemp uses CO2 extraction and Rosin to ensure you receive a solvent-less product.  And, with 3rd-Party Testing lab results, this proves the quality and consistency stay the same!
Shelly Johnson

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