Cooking with CBD

A Guide for Cooking with CBD Oil
Cooking with CBD has been an exciting new ingredient that thousands of people have been adding to their food in 2019. CBD will become even more popular in 2020, as more people become aware of the benefits.
Firstly, the reason CBD is so popular these days is because it is supposed to “have an anti-inflammatory effect and may help as a natural pain relief,” says Jill Nussinow, RDN, culinary educator. “Many who take it and use it find that it helps soothe sore muscles and nerves and might quell anxiety.”
Mostly importantly, one of the top ways to use CBD, the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, is by adding it to food and drinks.
Cooking with CBD can be so much fun! Let’s learn how we can be a CBD chef.


Consult your Doctor

Before adding any supplement to your routine, it’s best to speak with a medical professional. While CBD isn’t known to have side effects, it could potentially interact with blood thinners, says Liv Vasquez, Portland-based cannabis chef and educator. Once you get the go ahead from your M.D., it’s time to have fun.


Research your CBD

CBD is everywhere now! However, just because it’s readily available these days doesn’t mean all CBDs are equal. It important to make sure you’re getting clean, pure CBD. In addition, make sure to know where your CBD is coming from and that there are no added synthetic chemicals. 
One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a quality product is to choose CBD products that are lab tested with organic ingredients.
Another way, is to look for either broad or full-spectrum CBD products. That means that your product contains other beneficial cannabinoids, rendering it more effective. (This will contain a teeny amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC -about .3 mg, but that’s not enough to give you the “high” effect. A little THC will help make CBD work better). CBD isolate is purified CBD that’s been extracted from cannabis. With CBD isolate, you won’t get the potential benefits from other cannabinoids, or any THC.


Add a Nourishing Touch to Meals

The best way of cooking with CBD is with tinctures, as it’s very easy to use it as a nourishing touch on meals. CBD can be added to any type of recipes.  These may include smoothies, sauces, soups, salad dressings, desserts and even fun drinks. Single serving-sized foods are easiest to control the dose and know exactly how much CBD you’re getting.
Most importantly, do not cook the oil directly as it is sensitive to heat. Make sure to keep in mind that it can be difficult to control how much CBD is in each individual serving in cases like this. Some servings may end up with a lot of CBD, while others may end up with none.


Start Out Slow

First, try CBD at a low dose and pay attention to how your body reacts before adding more. The industry standard for a micro dose is 5 mg. That’s a great place to start. Play around until you find your ‘sweet spot.’ The good news is, a person can’t overdose on CBD. However, it may take time for you to determine your ideal dose. Always give yourself 45-minutes to an hour before having any more, since that’s about how long it’ll take to start experiencing any of the effects if you’ve ingested CBD.
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