Why Join the Aloha Hemp Subscription Program?

Why Join the Aloha Hemp Subscription Program?

Why Subscribe to the Aloha Hemp Subscription Program?

Most of us are on the go each and every day.  Even though we know we need to slow down, we always have a to-do list of activities we are trying to complete in the day.  Sometimes this can create a lot of stress and anxiety that we just can’t seem to get relief from.  When this happens, our immune system lowers and we tend to get sick often.  

Therefore, our team decided to think about how we can serve our Aloha Hemp family better.  We thought about the ways to make life a little bit easier.  We thought of a program to help take care of you and your entire family.  This program is easy and includes a quick auto-delivery of your favorite Aloha Hemp products, It’s called our Aloha Hemp Subscription Program!

You are family to us, therefore we created our subscription program to give you ONE LESS STRESS TO WORRY ABOUT.

  1. Save 20% on all subscription orders
  2. Free 3-day shipping on your subscription order of the bundle pack (2 or more bottles)
  3. GIVEAWAYS to win FREE products, but only for monthly subscriptions members!


Top Subscription Products

How It Works?

First, to subscribe to a product, select the “Subscription Plan” button on any applicable product. In addition, your initial order will be processed within two business days of completing your order. Your auto-ship order will continue to be placed of your chosen preference based on the date you placed your initial order. Make sure to register for an Aloha Hemp account on our website in order to subscribe to products.

You’re in Complete Control of your Subscription-

We would like to inform you that you can cancel or skip your Aloha Hemp Subscriptions at any time. 

“Set It and Forget It”-

Most importantly, we encourage you to use our subscription program as a way to put your regular AH orders on autopilot. With that in mind, if possible, we recommend using a credit card that is not near expiration. In the event that your credit card is about to expire, we will notify you to remind you to update your credit card information.

Update or Change Payment Method-

To update or change the credit card associated with your subscription, login to your Aloha Hemp account . Add, remove or update your credit card information.  It’s that easy! 


Note, subscription orders are processed with Priority Shipping. Ground shipping is free on subscriptions over $69.99.

Other promotions, discount codes or ‘limited time offerings’ cannot be combined with Aloha Hemp Subscriptions.

For more education on CBD, check out Project CBD


Thanks for being a part of our Aloha Hemp family!

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