A CBD Guide for Chiropractors

A CBD Guide for Chiropractors

A CBD Guide for Chiropractors

At Aloha Hemp, we are aware that CBD for Chiropractors is becoming very popular for many clinics across our world.  Therefore, we decided to make A CBD Guide for Chiropractors.  We want to share important facts and knowledge about CBD oil.  CBD products are a convenient way for chiropractors to simply carry them in their offices for their patients. Therefore, many chiropractors are learning the health benefits of CBD hemp oil.  Make CBD a ‘Value Added Service’ to your practice and patients, too!  
(Firstly, it is important to understand that this A CBD Guide for Chiropractors article is not making any medical claims. However, this guide is from research and observation associated with the use of CBD hemp oil.)

What is CBD?

Many people know that CBD is beneficial for the body. But, many people are unaware that the plant contains more than a hundred various chemical compounds.  The chemical compounds are called Cannabinoids (CBD). These compounds interact with the body through the Endocannabinoid System.
CBD is a primary compound found in cannabis plants. It is known to increase functionality in the nervous system, immune system, and in the brain. It does this by reacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid System.  This works throughout the body’s major organs and systems. In addition, research has found that CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation. So, it’s popularity is growing amongst health professionals.


How Do We Use CBD?

A person can apply CBD oil topically through creams, lotions.  They can also take  internally with tinctures and capsules. Therefore, since CBD is easy to consume and handle, chiropractors are taking a closer look at how CBD can enhance their patient’s health with these simple use processes. 


Can CBD Relieve Inflammation or Pain in the Body?

Each year, thousands of people become addicted or even die from the harmful opioid crisis. Fortunately, Mother Nature can help fix this crisis and save hundreds of lives with CBD. Most importantly, CBD has been observed to reduce muscle soreness, arthritis pain, back pain, and other pain throughout the body.


How Can CBD Help Relieve Pain?

When CBD oil is absorbed into the body, it interacts with cannabinoid receptors. After the cannabinoid receptors are stimulated, neurotransmission signals block the sensory receptors.  These receptors respond to pain. These sensory receptors are called Nociceptors. Once the nociceptors are blocked, feelings of pain are reduced and the nervous system can continue to function regularly.  


Is Hemp CBD Oil Legal to Use?

Hemp CBD with 0.3% or less THC is currently legal in all 50-States. However, Marijuana-derived CBD that contains higher amounts of THC is legal in some but not all 50 states.  Hemp derived CBD is made from the non-psychoactive parts of the cannabis plant.  At Aloha Hemp we grow hemp and cultivate it by following the guidelines of the Agricultural Pilot Program and 2018 Farm Bill
Considering all the above legalities regarding THC, many chiropractors are starting to use Hemp CBD.  CBD derived products are part of their treatment plans and aftercare.


Should I be Worried about Side Effects?

All the side effects of CBD oil are minimal. So, it is considered safe to use by patients of all ages.  In varying amounts, of course. Typical side effects may include drowsiness and dry mouth, but this is not common. As well, CBD does not produce a “high” effect because there is no THC.


What is The Endocannabinoid System?

In our bodies, the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for regulating many essential biological processes.
There are 3-parts that make up the Endocannabinoid System.
First, are the cannabinoid receptors.  These are on the cells’ surfaces. These receptors take note of the conditions outside of the cells.  They transmit information whenever there is a change in the conditions to the cells’ interior. Most importantly, this kick-starts the cellular responses.
Next, the Endocannabinoids are small molecules, which stimulate the cannabinoid receptors by binding to them.
Finally, there are the metabolic enzymes.  These break down the Endocannabinoids after utilization.


What kind of CBD Products can Chiropractors Use?

Hemp CBD oil is sold in various forms. As a doctor, you can offer creams, salves, and oils for your patients. Hemp derived CBD products are mostly sold in tinctures bottles with flavoring.  Deciding which is best for you and your patients ultimately depends on your practice and your patient’s needs.  We strive for doctors to always choose an Organic/Natural option.  


CBD For Chiropractors

Popularity for CBD among chiropractors has been increasing. One of the immediate reasons is because it is very useful for patients during therapy sessions and treatments. Such products might also help the patients achieve overall wellbeing, aid in their appetite, metabolism, immune responses, proper sleep, and more.
Again, this is achieved when the CBD is absorbed and gets transported to all the different parts of the body. When this happens, the Endocannabinoid system starts working, and the benefits may be felt within the body. 


What are the Best Sources of CBD to choose from?

Whether you are a chiropractor, a patient, a CBD user or trying CBD for the first time, it is important to know the source of your CBD product.
For instance, when evaluating your CBD products for quality, make sure that your product is made using the most natural processes, rather than synthetic CBD. At Aloha Hemp, we use natural processes with absolutely NO chemicals.  Our Hemp CBD is completely organic, too. 
Lately, Synthetic CBD has been making headlines for the number of people hospitalized due to the side-effects, which do not occur when using natural CBD. Surprisingly, synthetic CBD products have even been banned by the US Army!
So, when choosing your CBD supplier, make sure to pick a reliable supplier that is organic, Non-GMO and uses a CO2 extraction or Rosin Press.  This will ensure a high quality CBD for you!
Thank you for reading our article of A CBD Guide for Chiropractors. 
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