Can CBD Oil Improve Fitness & Recovery?

Can CBD Oil Improve Fitness and Recovery?

Can CBD oil improve Fitness and Recovery?YES!The use of CBD oil for Fitness & Recovery can offer a surplus of health benefits. The fitness community could greatly benefit from CBD. In addition, there are major benefits that CBD oil can bring to the body to stay toned and fit.  Read below.

CBD oil interacts with our entire Endocannabinoid System, so what does that mean in terms that we can understand?

Connection to Endocannabinoid System 

Our Endocannabinoid System is responsible for regulating many important functions in our bodies. Firstly, it mainly focuses on sex drive, sleep patterns, appetite, inflammation, and overall relaxation. Next, the interaction between CBD and our body’s internal receptors helps our body thrive at its highest capacity.

Excessive Inflammation

When it comes to fitness, any exercise causes very tiny damage to the body’s muscles and tissues. Dr. Alan Beyer, a Sports Medicine doctor and an Executive Medical director of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in California, explains. He says “it’s this inflammation that triggers the body’s repair processes. This allows tissues to grow back stronger and fitter increasing muscle.” However, too much inflammation left unchecked, can contribute to excessive muscle damage. With too much damage, it could result in poor workout results.  So, if the body accumulates too much inflammation, workouts could be compromised. 

CBD and Inflammation

Current studies may bring about conflicting information on how exerciser try to mitigate inflammation. I am of the opinion that the body recovers best with natural help. If a person adds an ultra clean and organic CBD to their daily routine, they may experience a powerful anti-inflammatory response. For example, a 2018 review published in Frontiers in Neurology, showed that CBD is an effective way of reducing pain (caused by inflammation) and improving mobility.  

CBD Oil for a Balanced Body

Using CBD daily can contribute towards a healthier functioning body and can also regulate insulin. This means more effective weight loss during exercise.

Why not get all the benefits in one bottle and utilize our ‘all-natural’ organic product? Reseach more of Aloha Hemp CBD Oil and add it to your life for real positive changes today!


Shelly Johnson

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I have been suffering from migraines for about two and a half years and have tried all sorts of medications and treatments. They just didn’t seem to work and the cost of the medications I was taking totaled almost $700 a month! … It just so happened that my migraine medication didn’t ship to the pharmacy right around the time I started taking Aloha CBD oil and I noticed that the frequency and severity of my migraines were decreasing! 

James Lawrence

I recently started using Aloha CBD oil. The quality of the oil was very good and the peppermint flavor was a nice touch. I was surprised how well this product worked without the adverse side effects. The oil also helped me with my anxiousness and when taken at night gave me a much sounder sleep at night. I would recommend this oil if your looking for a CBD oil that works.


I tried CBD oil for the first time after seeing Aloha Help CBD at a triathlon I recently competed in. It is great that Aloha Hemp is a locally owned and family-operated company. It seems to be run by real people who use the product and truly care about their customer’s experience and overall health. And it’s all organic and non-GMO! I look forward to discovering, firsthand, how this can be part of my natural, healthy lifestyle! 

Rachel Grenier

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