Welcome to Aloha Hemp CBD

  Welcome to Aloha Hemp CBD!  Our family is excited to have you here visiting our site and getting to know who we are a little bit more. We take pride in helping others find natural, organic ways to heal the body.  Hence, the reason we conveniently put together, and all in one place, the best research studies and content about CBD on our website.  CBD has changed our lives and the lives of many.  And, we too, continue to strive and educate ourselves with the future it brings.

  Want to know more about CBD?  One of the best places to learn more is a trusted website called  ProjectCBD.org.  ProjectCBD provides ‘inflight’ clinical trials and endless information about CBD, its benefits, and what it can help solve. 

  We look forward partnering with you on your wellness journey!  It has taken us over 9+ years to figure out what the body needs to thrive in health through ample hours of education. Now, as Life Coaches and owners, we want to share all of what we have learnt, with you!  If you have any questions or comments, please always feel free to reach out and Contact Us.

Again, welcome to Aloha Hemp CBD!


Clint and Shelly